SIS Editorial 4/14

Condition, psychology and the World Cup

As I write this editorial, the start of the 2014 World Cup is just nine days away, and a lot of questions are on the horizon. Which great young talent will make the headlines? Will we see anything new in terms of formations?

Most important of all, which team will win? Will Spain be able to repeat their 2010 success, or will the host Brazil win it all? With the home advantage and loads of individual talent, Brazil should be able to better deal with the tough physical demands that local weather conditions will impose. And that leads us to the content of this issue—which, by the way, will be our last printed issue.

Most of the articles in this issue deal with the physical aspects of the game. Marcel Lucassen argues that position-specific speed training gets the best results. Johanna Brings explores the most effective methods of building endurance. And Tobias Gensler covers a little bit of everything in “Preseason training: The big three.”

But we all know that the mental aspect is equally important, and that’s what our closing article is all about. This might be something that could stop Brazil, if they can’t deal with the expectations and pressure. We shall see . . .

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