SIS Editorial 3/14

Training individuals, strengthening teams

Players with solid individual skills such as ball control, dribbling and creative faking play with more confidence. They usually have an answer for the problems they face during the game, and because of their excellent skills they can concentrate on what’s going on around them rather than just controlling the ball.

Ideally, young players should practice these techniques weekly. Correctly executed repetitions at the right level of difficulty are a must. That’s one of the reasons why this issue focuses mainly on developing individual skills and improving 1 v. 1 play. Marcel Lucassen kicks things off with “1 v. 1 play: The key to soccer excellence,” followed by Alfred Galustian and Rafael Wieczorek with “Coerver Coaching: Teaching the skills to win.”

Of course, winning at soccer requires solid team dynamics too, which we explore in “Team-building in youth soccer.” We close the issue with a deep look into FC Barcelona’s youth-development program: “Following in the footsteps of Messi and Iniesta.”

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