SIS Editorial 6/14

Building a winning team, one step at a time

Success in Soccer would like to congratulate Germany on its fourth star! The team that won this year’s World Cup displayed a modern style of soccer with outstanding individual skill and superb team spirit. The coaching staff made some great tactical decisions, and of course a little bit of luck was part of it as well.

In the end, though, the Germans’ success was not really a surprise. Having spent years evaluating and improving their coaching-education program, youth-development program and league system, they are now reaping the benefits of their diligence and patience.

The process was set in motion years ago by the German Soccer Federation, working both at the grass-roots level and in cooperation with the professional clubs. Key changes include the creation of performance academies by the clubs (who have spent half a billion euros on development since 2002) and the establishment of a nationwide talent-development program. We’ve been pleased to be able to share some of that innovation with you over the last few years, and we continue to do so with this issue.

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